Why A.R.S.?

Parents who choose to send their children to A.R.S. Day School do so primarily for the following reasons:

  • Academic excellence
  • Bilingual education in English and Armenian with a superior French program
  • Small classroom sizes
  • Co-educational environment
  • Spiritual development in the Armenian Church traditions
  • Global perspective
  • Strong athletics and co-curricular activities
  • Success of A.R.S. graduates at university and beyond

As the largest bicultural and bilingual day school in Ontario, A.R.S. offers a unique learning environment. We teach English and Armenian at the earliest levels right through graduation. By the time a student reaches high school they are able to study in both languages. In addition, our French teachers are outstanding and students will find they are also fluent in French by the time they reach high school.

A.R.S. is known for its challenging, well-balanced curriculum where students are shown that the pursuit of knowledge is never in vain and that high academic standards set us apart. For as many students that pursue post-graduate studies in mathematics, science and business, many also pursue early childhood education, journalism and teaching.

As much as we impress upon our students the importance of academics, we also offer a wide range of co-curricular activities to enrich their learning experience. Students benefit from various sports teams, activities and clubs. Please refer to our Student Life section for detailed information. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate on the Life @ Hai School Newsletter engaging budding journalists, editors and photographers.   

Students also receive a spiritual and moral grounding based in the Christian traditions of our Armenian Church - a key to forming their cultural identities and also in teaching them to work for the common good. A.R.S. is very much a mirror of our Armenian community in that it reflects the nurturing, supportive and fun loving attributes of our culture. The success of our graduates and the sheer joy that emanates from students and staff alike is a testament that we’re doing something right!

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